Fudgy/Chewy Cocoa Brownies

cocoa brownies

I’m always working on my brownie-game. Whether I am actually making brownies at home, or eating them outside my kitchen (preferably here, where, I would posit, NYC’s best brownie is currently being made), I’ve constantly got brownies on the mind.

Challah Bread

challah bread with salted butter . . .

If it comes as a bit of a surprise that I am sharing a recipe for challah bread here, I get it. I haven’t really developed any yeasted bread recipes for this site prior to this, save for my recipe for buttermilks parker house rolls. But here’s the thing, after reading Molly Yeh’s challah recipe in Molly on the Range, and realizing that it is practically identical to my grandmother’s (see picture of said grandmother’s recipe below), I felt compelled to take a stab at my own version.

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