Easiest Chocolate Marshmallow Icebox Cake

Not a huge surprise, I’m sure, that when all else fails (and even when it doesn’t) I make icebox cakes. Yes, after Icebox Cakes hit shelves, oh, so many years ago in the spring of 2015, I did indeed take a much needed hiatus from preparing them. But now that it is the fall of 2017, I am pleased to announce, I am back at it. But I won’t lie, my approach is decidedly different. read more

Flourless Hazelnut Cake with Nutella Whipped Cream

I’m actually not kidding when I tell you this may be one of the best things I have ever made. I LOVE the combo of hazelnut and chocolate (see my hazelnut florentines filled with Nutella and my hazelnut-butter milk chocolate cookies to see my love in action). 
And last spring when I read an Ottolenghi recipe in the New York Times for Walnut cake, all I could think of was how much better the cake would be with hazelnuts – and a Nutella whipped cream (Sorry, Mr. Ottolenghi, world renowned chef and baker, but I’m just being honest: nothing against your version with walnuts, which I’m sure is great . . . ). 
I little internet research, okay a lot, ensued, and it turns out I am not the first to think of making a flourless cake with nothing more than hazelnuts, eggs and sugar. However, perhaps I am the first to spread it with Nutella whipped cream (which is TO DIE, by the way). This cake calls for very few ingredients, is easy-peasy to make, and is just the most perfect sweet treat for the gluten free among us.  read more