flourless chocolate cake

the truth is i am not a huge flourless chocolate cake person, but i like fast, i like chocolate, and i like short ingredient lists. and so when i first stumbled upon the recipe that inspired mine, molly wizenberg’s winning hearts and minds cake, and began tinkering with it, it didn’t even occur to me to make it flourless (even though her recipe calls for a measly 1 tablespoon of flour). instead i made it passover appropriate, substituting 1 1/2  tsps potato starch, for the flour, reworked the technique (more on that below), and called it a day.but this year, as passover approached, and in light of my recent foray into the world of blogging, i decided that i wanted to/should create my own flourless cake. the books were opened, internet searches were performed, and my (kind of intense/scary) collection of clipped recipes, stuffed haphazardly in a notebook that will no longer close, were sifted through. i knew i loved the simplicity of the hearts and minds cake, but was eager to see what else was out there. read more

old-school buttercream frosting

buttercream frosting mise en place

so, it goes without saying that not everyone is on board with confectioners’ sugar-based buttercream frostings, as many find them just too sweet, a little low-brow, and a bit heavy. in addition, a version of the recipe is found on the box of domino confectioners’ sugar, and maybe that turns people off. who knows. the long and short of it is, however, that i am not one of those people. i actually love traditional/old-school powdered sugar based frosting (which probably comes as no surprise in light of my admission that i love the flavor, texture, etc. of a cake made from a mix) and am always looking for ways to perfect my own version of the classic. read more

extra moist and chocolate-y birthday cake

layers of uber moist and chocolate-y birthday cake

i am basically a lover of layer-cakes, with chocolate being my number one favorite (although vanilla enveloped in chocolate buttercream is a very close number two and this one iced with this one, in particular, is amazing – but i digress). i like dark chocolate layers that taste uber-chocolate-y, are super moist, with a fluffy, loose-ish crumb (as opposed to a tight one) and – i’ll just come right out and say it – i like it if my layer cake reminds me of one that might be made from a boxed cake-mix: sacrilege, i know, but it’s the truth. i can’t say my love of cakes made from mixes stems from memories of my own childhood birthday cakes, as my cakes were always baskin robbins mint chocolate chip ice cream cakes. nor can i say that i actually ever make cakes from mixes myself, although i did ask my boys to make me a cake from a box, betty crocker i think, for my last birthday, so i definitely have some kind of birthday/cake-mix thing going on. but i have to admit that when making homemade cakes, replicating the flavor and texture of a boxed cake mix has always felt right. read more