Strawberry Malted Milkshakes (with Homemade Strawberry Ice Cream)

strawberry malted milkshakes

homemade strawberry ice cream is the bomb.  that’s a given. but a malted milkshake with homemade strawberry ice cream?? i kid you not: mind blowing. and this is coming from a malted milkshake obsessive who never even orders strawberry (i’m partial to a black and white malted: vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, malted milk powder – memorialized in an icebox cake, of the same name (if you’re curious)). but even though i may not move in the strawberry direction when ordering a milkshake, or a cone, i know a ten-year old who is over the moon for strawberry ice cream and strawberry milkshakes. and every late spring/early summer – for kind of a while now – i have been making homemade strawberry ice cream for him (and the rest of us) using the recipe that conveniently came with my ice cream machine. read more

salty caramel-filled chocolate cups

salty-caramel filled chocolate cup cake

i totally want to tell you about these cupcakes for the obvious reasons: the cake is uber-moist, the caramel is salty, sweet, and slightly runny, and the frosting is billowy, creamy, and intensely chocolate-y. and the combo of the three – big surprise – is amazers (yes, i am playing around with tween slang – just tell me to shut up whenever it gets to be too much). i mean there clearly is no dearth of things to say about these cups. however, when a recipe includes components such as these three – cake, caramel and chocolate buttercream – are you just better off remaining quiet? read more

chocolate banana-bread bread pudding

chocolate banana-bread bread pudding

i want to tell you about the first time i had chocolate bread pudding. the story is slightly rambling and i’m likely to mix things up, talk in hyperboles, and maybe flat-out lie, so bear with me. i used to go out with this guy who lived across the street from blue ribbon bakery in manhattan, and he took me there for dessert on one of our first dates. the bakery had my kind of dessert menu: full of sundaes and profiteroles and floats and not one, but two bread puddings: one with bananas and walnuts and one with chocolate chips, vanilla ice cream, and hot fudge. i think you can guess which one i ordered and it was life-changing. first of all, it was huge and, as is well-documented on this site, i love a big dessert. second, (now here’s where the hyperboles start flying) it was the best dessert i had ever had (i warned you). the custard-soaked bread (maybe baguette?) studded with molten chocolate chips, combined with the slightly melt-y vanilla ice cream and warm hot fudge basically put me over the edge. it was one of those food memories that you do not forget. ever. read more