black bottom (deep-dish) banoffee pie

spoonful of banoffee pie

So where to begin about banoffee pie. . . Hmmm . . . The first time I ever even heard of such a dessert (a banana (“ban”) toffee (“offee”) pie) was either on an airplane reading this article in food and wine or surfing the web and seeing this on design sponge – can’t recall which came first. But I do remember that the combo of bananas, whipped cream, and toffee/caramel sounded mind-blowing and that making such a sweet moved to the top of the to-do list. read more

gluten-free brownie pudding

gluten-free brownie pudding

Not even sure where I might have first tasted brownie pudding; a dessert that is – in essence – slightly gooey, undercooked brownies, slowly baked in a water bath, in a low-oven, until the top is crackly and the middle super moist and spoon-able. But i’m not sure it matters when I was introduced to the dessert. The point is, I love pudding almost as much as I love just-this-side of underdone brownies and the combo of the two with a dribble of cream or some that’s been freshly whipped, or vanilla ice cream (or all three) is basically my ideal sweet treat. read more

Peppermint Chocolate Whoopie Pies

My chocolate whoopie pies got a xmas make-over, peeps, and suffice is to say my ten-year old taste tester went kind of berserk. And I mean that in the best way. Chocolate and peppermint are his favorite flavor combo, candy canes one of his favorite candies, these particular peppermint oreos, his favorite store-bought cookie, and the peppermint chocolate icebox cake from this here book, his favorite cake (full disclosure: his mom wrote said book and he’s likely a tad biased).I first made these for an adults-only pre-xmas xmas party and said taste-tester was not happy. At my husband’s insistence, i generously, okay reluctantly, shared one with him on my way out the door, and promised i’d be making them again some time soon. I had tons of leftover mint buttercream filling and so keeping my promise proved to be easy. I made them again exclusively for the taste-tester and his brother, and then again for the kids who trashed our basement/attended our new year’s eve party.  read more

salty caramels

wrapping up the salty caramels

Peeps, took the tiniest bit of a hiatus on this here blog, and apologies for that. Not even sure what happened causeI I had grand plans to share these delish salty and buttery caramels with you over two weeks ago. And, as we both know, that never happened. Moreover, the fact that these caramel candies are so damn yummy (and easy), does make me feel just that much guiltier that you didn’t have the opportunity to make them for xmas or nye – or any of the days in between. But the recipe is yours for the making now – and I am hoping you quickly make up for lost time and get thee to the stove-top pronto. read more