milk chocolate hazelnut (aka nutella) florentine sandwich cookies

hazelnut florentines filled with nutella

Developing a recipe for milk chocolate hazelnut (aka nutella) florentines was not my idea. I actually, wish I could say it was, as they are completely to-die-for, but it was a friend, fanatical about florentines, who inspired me to develop this here recipe. Of course I knew what a florentine was, when my friend emailed me inquiring as to whether I might have a recipe for such fragile yumminess (i.E.: wafer thin, lace-like cookies, made with a bit of nut flour, and filled with dark chocolate), but it certainly had never crossed my mind to try my hand at making them. I think of myself as a thick and chewy kind of cookie person. Most certainly not a delicate-with-a-cosmopolitan-name-kind of cookie person. But it’s a real treat when someone requests a recipe, and I was not going to disappoint.
Florentine research was in order and i quickly discovered a few important facts: florentines are traditionally made with either almonds or oats, many of the recipes are practically identical, with instructions that vary only slightly (check out this, this, and this, to see what i’m talking about), and very few florentines are made of hazelnut flour and filled with nutella. read more

toffee and chocolate oatmeal cookies

toffee and chocolate oatmeal cookies

If I’m being honest, when it comes to chocolate chip cookies, i’m a purist. In other words: oatmeal need not apply. Nothing against oats, for sure, but they just don’t belong in my version of the perfect chocolate chip cookie (i.E.: a thick and chewy cookie, preferably large in size, filled with chips, but not too many, a little salty, uber-butterscotch-y, and consumed minutes after leaving the oven).  read more

grasshopper (aka mint) “double stuf” oreos

grasshopper (aka mint) oreos

The mint oreo has been on my to-do list for quite some time, and not surprisingly, as the chocolate mint flavor-combo just might be my all-time fave and, umh, who doesn’t love an oreo? My introduction to mint oreos of the packaged variety, was when I had my first candy cane jo-jo, trader jo’s seasonal oreo with peppermint filling. One of my beloved old baked pals introduced me to them, and we would gorge on them at christmas time, rejecting all manner of homemade treat we were baking, in favor of trader jo’s deliciously-minty one. read more

(jumbo) chocolate sugar cookies

chewy chocolate sugar cookies sprinkled with sugar in the raw

Chocolate sugar cookies have been kind of an obsession for a lot of years. Like at least 10. I think it started with this: a recipe from martha, that – for whatever reason – maybe the name – “giant chocolate sugar cookies”?? – just spoke to me. And by “spoke to me,” I mean these suckers were in heavy rotation in my kitchen. read more

best-ever fudgy gluten-free brownies

So, I did not set out to develop a recipe for gluten-free brownies, but a friend was in need, and I was more than happy to oblige. What I did not realize, however, as I began tweaking my go-to brownie recipe, is that the gluten-free version would be as fudgy and moist and chewy as the original. Like i’m not even sure I could tell the difference between the two in a blind taste test. 
read more