coconut tres leches

So, this coconut tres leches cake came to be for one reason, and one reason only. Okay, I lied: two reasons only: I absolutely adore tres leches cakes (particularly coconut ones), (i.E.: reason number one) and I also adore oil-based cakes, that are mixed by hand, and that don’t require egg separation, and the beating of whites (i.e.: reason number two). And, yes, it’s fair to say that reason number two indicates that i’m a baker with a penchant for corner-cutting. Here’s the thing about this corner-cutting penchant, though: it doesn’t necessarily prove all that useful when developing a tres leches cake recipe, as tres leches is traditionally made with sponge cake (a cake made with little fat and lots of beaten whites). read more

tahini blossoms (aka: chewy tahini cookies sealed with a milk chocolate kiss)

bite o' tahini blossoms

So, you may or may not have seen the recipe in the New York Times a couple of weeks ago for salted tahini chocolate chip cookies, but it made kind of a splash (at least in my world), on the internet via food bloggers, on instagram, and amongst sweets-loving folks with whom I hang. I was totally intrigued, as I love a salted peanut butter chocolate chip cookie, see here for my fave, and this NYT number seemed like that, save for tahini instead of peanut butter. However, despite having piqued my interest, I’m in this kind of crazy rut right now, whereby I only want to make sweets from original recipes that I’ve developed. silly, I know, as I am certain I am missing out on a good many yummy treats, but that’s where I’m at, and so be it. read more