cherry clafoutis

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that this is far and away my most favorite summer of 2016 dessert. Now I know that summer is not over yet, and I also know that individual strawberry rhubarb galettes are pretty special, as is double chocolate zucchini cake, as well as glazed lemon poppyseed cake, and chocolate mousse. Winners all, for sure. But this cherry clafoutis? It takes the cake (bad pun intended). Like above and beyond. Think just baked/collapsed cherries suspended in a slightly sweetened almond scented custard and you’ll understand why the puns are flying. read more

eton mess

Peeps, the eton mess came about because of this. I had way too many egg whites on my hands and after making this with about half of the whites, I thought I’d whip up some slightly-crunchy-on-the-outside, marshmallow-y-on-the-inside meringue cookies, using my mini pavlova recipe, with the other half. However, my timing was way off (the cookies were small and yet I baked them to death) and I ended up with tasty, but over-the-top crunchy cookies. Nothing was marshmallow-y about these suckers.
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