jessie sheehan bakes blog on hiatus for the fall . . .

As I “announced” on social media in August, I am writing another baking cookbook (!!) to be published by Chronicle Books in the spring of 2018 . . . And to say I am over the moon, beyond thrilled, etc., would be an understatement. The powers that be preclude me from revealing too many deets about the book at this juncture, but I will say – for those that are curious – that it has a vintage-vibe of sorts . . .

Now the only downside to working tirelessly – yet enthusiastically – on the manuscript of said book – which is due in January –┬áis that I am unable at present to to keep up with my weekly blog posts. However, I post frequently on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and I encourage you to follow me there, if you are so inclined, as it is where I will chronicle (no pun intended . . . ) the recipe development and testing for my book.

I intend to start blogging again in the new year and look forward to seeing you all then!

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