Cinnamon Sugar Old-School Oatmeal Cookies

cinnamon sugar old-school oatmeal cookies

Here’s the thing about me and oatmeal: although I totally love it for breakfast with brown sugar and heavy cream, that is probably the only application about which I can say that. I really don’t care for it in my crumble topping and I’m not even that fond of it in cookies, unless chocolate is involved. read more

Big Crumb Mixed Berry Crumble

big crumb mixed berry crumble

I’ve been holding on this recipe for kind of a lot of months now, as I first developed it at the tail end of last summer, but was fearful the seasonal police would have at me if I shared it when berries were not at their peak. But here’s the thing: not only do I still have copious amounts of frozen berries that I harvested last summer, but I LOVE berry crumble – like a lot. read more