Neapolitan Icebox Cake

photo cred: Cayla Zahoran

Does anyone out there (besides me) remember staring longingly into the freezer section at the grocery store, wondering how to persuade your mom to buy the massive tub of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream (delightfully called “Neapolitan”) even though it was maybe a tad too big for your family of four and maybe a tad less interesting than some of the other flavors on offer (and by “less interesting” I mean no chips or swirls of fudge or peppermint candies – this was the mid-70s, after all, so salty caramel and cookie dough ice cream were merely what dreams were made of . . . and adult dreams, at that). read more

Blackberry Lime Slab Pie

Blackberry Lime is a tasty, tasty combo, if I do say so myself and it makes for the yummiest, just this side of tropical, pie filling. In fact it is SO yummy, that I included a recipe for it in my upcoming book, The Vintage Baker (Chronicle Books, April 2018). But because I love it almost too much, I also developed a recipe for a slab pie version, that I shared over at TASTE. read more