Instant-Pot Dairy Free Coconut Rice Pudding

There are a couple of things worth noting right from the get-go. 1) I’m a self-diagnosed instant-pot obsessive; 2) I did not know I was a lover of rice pudding until quite recently (like literally two weeks ago), and 3) the gorgeous cotton flour sack tea towel with the blue trim (that matches my tiny Creuset pots so beautifully) is hand made by Dot and Army (an excellent source of eco-friendly napkins, tea towels, etc.). Okay. With the preliminaries out of the way, let me tell you about this pudding. read more

Easiest Chocolate Marshmallow Icebox Cake

Not a huge surprise, I’m sure, that when all else fails (and even when it doesn’t) I make icebox cakes. Yes, after Icebox Cakes hit shelves, oh, so many years ago in the spring of 2015, I did indeed take a much needed hiatus from preparing them. But now that it is the fall of 2017, I am pleased to announce, I am back at it. But I won’t lie, my approach is decidedly different. read more