Chocolate Eggnog Icebox Cake (and an Icebox Cake Tutorial)

This cake came to be in the name of collaboration. Here’s the story: after admiring Stefani Pollack’s instagram feed for kind of a while, I one day ventured over to her website and noticed that she was looking for peeps to contribute to her blog with baking tutorials or baking science posts. Always looking for opportunities to write about sweets (my second favorite activity after eating them), I contacted her. I wasn’t exactly sure what I would write about and – of course – Stef had the genius idea that I write about icebox cakes (in light of the fact I co-wrote a book about them).Now, one could argue that it’s a little weird that I didn’t come up with that idea on my own, but let’s not go there. The long and short of it is that she asked me to contribute an icebox cake tutorial (and you can find that here), as well as an original icebox cake recipe, to her site. I suggested a chocolate eggnog cake, Stef was on board, and the rest is history.There isn’t a ton to say about this cake except that it is incredibly delicious and incredibly perfect for this time of year (that would be Christmas/New Year’s time, for those reading this in August on the beach . . . ). Moreover, it is super easy to make, and the recipe offers up two different ways of assembling it. The recipe calls for eggnog and a bit of extra nutmeg (to amp up the eggnog-y flavor), but besides that, this is your classic chocolate wafer icebox cake in all its glory. Enjoy. The recipe can be found here.

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