Lemon Bundt Cake

It is February as I write this, and everywhere I look (and by “everywhere” I mean instagram) I see baked goods calling for citrus. This makes perfect sense, of course, as there are very few fresh ingredients with which to bake with here on the East Coast right now, save for lemons, limes, grapefruit, and a variety of oranges with terribly unusual names that I won’t even get into with you here. There is always chocolate – as it is season-less, thank god – but if you’re looking to whip up a treat with a fruity something or other, I’m afraid the buck stops at citrus.Lemon Bundt Cake | Jessie Sheehan BakesFor many, this is not a problem, as they love the challenge of baking with the aforementioned oranges, or putting together a key lime pie, or a grapefruit tart. But for me, “citrus baking season” is really just lemon bundt cake season. I love cake and I love bundt cake in particular, and as long it is moist and sweet and tart (and glazed!), well then I REALLY love lemon bundt cake. Truth be told, I’ll take a glazed lemon cake in any form (see here and here), but a bundt is so damn pretty and sometimes looks just count. The recipe is here and is worth making on the regular, in my opinion, at least until rhubarb and strawberries show up in the spring . . . 

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