Currant Brown Sugar Cream Scones

Scones were never my go-to breakfast item, as I so often found them to be either dry and crumbly or cakey and under-flavored (or all of the above – heartbreaking, but true). That all changed, however, several years ago, when I discovered a novel scone-making technique via the folks at Big Sur Bakery. Currant Brown Sugar Cream Scones | Jessie Sheehan BakesAt Big Sur Bakery, scone dough is treated very much like pie dough – whereby cold butter is cut into flour, liquid is added, and the whole delicious mess is kneaded hardly at all. The scone dough is literally portioned out and pressed into a round, high sided cookie/biscuit cutter (as opposed to using a cookie cutter to cut shapes from rolled or even pressed flat dough), resulting in the flakiest most buttery of breakfast treats. 
Currant Brown Sugar Cream Scones | Jessie Sheehan BakesI first incorporated this technique when making these mixed berry scones, and am now at it again, this time with brown sugar and currant cream scones (you’re welcome). Hyperbolic as this might sound, when I make these for folks, they tell me that they are the best scones they have ever had (and I’m not talking about my mom, who basically says that about everything I make, and so, sadly, cannot be trusted). Currant Brown Sugar Cream Scones | Jessie Sheehan BakesThis cream scones recipe is easy peasy and fast (the dough spends some time resting in the freezer – but requires very little hands on time) and please feel free to sub out the currants for any dried fruit you so desire. The recipe can be found here.

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Not a baker but loved your article in Main Street Magazine. Had to substiute 2 cups whole wheat flour and froze overnight. Made by hand and ended up with 9 – oh no. Baked this morning and they are wonderful. Thanks.

I love a good scone — but all the recipes I’ve ever tried for this morning treat fall flat. Until today (or yesterday and today, that is) These are INCREDIBLE!! Worth the extra time chilling for sure. Thank you, Jessie, for your commitment and dedication to the sweet, sweets world. I’d follow you to the end of the earth <3

Teresa!!!! Yay!! This makes me so happy. What a lovely comment to wake up to. And glad to hear the scones were lovely to wake up to, too. XO

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