Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Revel Bars

Milk chocolate hazelnut revel bars, peeps. And by “milk chocolate hazelnut” I hope you know I mean Nutella . . . I first learned about “revel” bars in the June/July issue of Cook’s Country and I was instantly smitten. I had never heard of such a bar, and was intrigued. Essentially a revel bar is a bar cookie made from oats and nuts.
Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Revel Bars | Jessie Sheehan Bakes

It is one of those bars whereby the topping is merely a crumbled up version of the flattened and pressed base, resulting in an awfully quick assembly. The recipe in Cook’s Country called for a milk chocolate filling  and for almonds in the crust and topping. But I wanted to fill my revel bars with Nutella – but any milk chocolate hazelnut spread will work – and so added ground hazelnuts to my crust/topping as well, for continuity and because hazelnuts are so delicious. I deeply toasted them to bring out even more flavor and my family went kind of bonkers. So, if you have not yet mailed or delivered all of your cookie boxes and you have a little room for one more tasty treat, look no further: the Nutella revel bar will not disappoint. Look here to find the recipe. 


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