One Bowl Vanilla Cupcakes with Chocolate Frosting

I have always been — and perhaps will always be — very much a chocolate cake kind of person. In fact, my most beloved flavor combo is chocolate cake with vanilla frosting. (I mean I love chocolate, but chocolate cake with chocolate frosting can sometimes be a little too much, even for me.) But now I have developed a recipe for truly the unthinkable: a vanilla cupcake with chocolate frosting, and I am here to tell you that there might just be a new favorite in town.

The vanilla cake is oil-based, beyond moist and deeply vanilla-flavored, as it should be. The frosting is rich from softened butter and darkly chocolate-y from Dutch process cocoa powder, and is the perfect sweet and fluffy crown atop the vanilla cup. Sprinkles are an awfully nice addition, too. But here’s the thing: this one-bowl chocolate-frosted vanilla cupcake is not only super delicious — and capable of converting even the most chocolate-loving of chocaholic cake lovers into a vanilla fan — but is also incredibly easy to prepare, as the entire process takes place in a single mixing bowl in about 15 minutes flat.

One-bowl baking, for the unfamiliar, actually requires this: that only a single bowl be used when assembling a recipe, and for these cupcakes it’s the same bowl for both the cupcakes and the frosting (you’re welcome). A quick wipe of the bowl with a paper towel after emptying it of cake batter is all you need before adding your frosting ingredients. In addition to the single bowl, one bowl baking recipes tend to be easy to follow (never a long ingredient list, nor complicated instructions). Moreover, the ingredients are probably already in your kitchen cupboards, and if you do have to take a trip to the grocer, it is never to purchase hard-to-source items — only those that are easily found wherever it is you do your shopping.

One-bowl baking is for those of us who enjoy making treats with short, easy-to-follow recipes, are fond of using pantry-friendly ingredients, and are not too crazy about doing dishes. In short, when you one-bowl bake, tasty treats come together quickly, while leaving your kitchen sparkling clean. A couple of tips: the cake batter is easy to throw together, but definitely benefits from a gentle hand. Please fold the dry ingredients into the wet just until a few streaks of flour remain. And when mixing the frosting, do not be concerned if the mixture takes a bit of time to come together into an icing-like consistency. It will happen, I promise. Finally, after frosting the final cup and turning to your sink with nothing more than its one dirty bowl, a big sigh of relief, coupled with a little smile, is not only appropriate, but expected. Here’s the one bowl vanilla cupcakes recipe. And watch me make the cupcakes on IGTV channel.

The text and recipe were originally published in Main Street Magazine.

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