Easy Peasy Cinnamon Sugar Cranberry Tea Cake

Peeps! Check out my recipe for easy peasy cinnamon sugar cranberry tea cake over on the Yankee Magazine site!

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2 replies on “Easy Peasy Cinnamon Sugar Cranberry Tea Cake”

I saw you on CBS Saturday Morning this morning 9/17/22. I thought you were so good! Your energy is amazing, I could tell how proud you were of all your yummy creations you were sharing with the woman interviewing you. Sweets to make with few ingredients easy to find at my grocery store is just what I need! You should have your own show on Food Network. It made me think back to when my kids were young, and how much fun it would be to watch one of your videos with them and create an amazing dessert together, because you are vibrant and make it fun! I did not feel intimidated that I couldn’t make these sweet treats. Just the opposite, I can’t wait to make one! It was nice to see such a strong woman who is doing something she loves to do everyday. After watching you on the show, I felt like immediately trying one of your recipes. So tonight, I’m not sure what I’m going to make, but I wanted to thank you for inspiring me. Not only to make yummy sweet treats, but also to find what it is that will make me happy to do everyday as well. I am similar age as you, I appreciate your journey that brought you to where you are today. Thank you again! Stay Sweet!!!

Thank you for all these kind words. So glad u felt inspired. I hope you will consider checking out my new cookbook, too, Snackable Bakes. It had all my favorite easy peasy sweets in one place! XO

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