Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie Mug Cake

The easiest and gooiest chocolate chip cookie mug cake around.

A gooey chocolate chip cookie mug cake is, IMHO, the best kind of cake, Why? Because mug cakes are some of my favorite cakes, as it just doesn’t get easier than baking a cake in the microwave – and I am all about easy. Particularly when said cake is a little on the gooey side, studded with melted chocolate chips and beyond excellent with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. A cake made in the microwave is always a homemade cake, obviously, and that’s kind of special, too, if you ask me.

Moreover, because in this chocolate chip cookie mug cake-making instance, what you are really doing is making a chocolate chip cookie for one, for those of us chocolate chip cookie lovers in the house, this easy gooey mug cake could not be more crave-worthy. And if you are one of those lovers and are wondering how to make a chocolate chip cookie mug cake, I’ve got you.

First, microwave chocolate chip mug cakes all sort of begin in the same way: in a microwave-safe mug – you add some fat (in this case vegetable oil – but you could also use melted butter) and some sugar together (in this instance, brown, since it is such a necessary and important chocolate chip cookie ingredient) and stir to combine. Then you add baking soda and salt, some vanilla and an egg yolk and some flour and some chips and you are done and dusted.

“Baking” your mug cake in the microwave is what happens next and it is the only tricky part, as all microwaves are different, as are all vessels for microwaving homemade mug cakes. But in my microwave on high, this easy chocolate chip cookie mug cake takes about one minute. You want the cake to be puffy and still slightly wet-looking in the center . . . if you have never made a mug cake in your microwave before, I would suggest, checking on it at 45 seconds OR preparing the cake in a large vessel so that there is no risk of an explosion . . .

For more of my mug cake recipes, check out my gluten-free chocolate mug cake and my peanut butter chocolate chip one.

gooey chocolate chip cookie mug cake
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Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie Mug Cake

The easiest and gooiest chocolate chip cookie mug cake around.
Recipe Author Jessie Sheehan
Course Cake
Cuisine American
Keyword chocoalte chip cookie, chocolate chips, mug cake
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 1 minute
Servings 1


  • 2 tablespoons vegetable oil
  • 2 tablespoons light brown sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/8 teaspoon kosher salt, or to taste
  • 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 3 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 2 tablespoons semi-sweet chocolate chips


  • In a microwave safe mug, use a fork to stir together the oil and sugar until well combined.
  • Add the baking soda and salt and stir again.
  • Add the vanilla and yolk and stir again.
  • Add the flour and chips and stir a final time.
  • Place the mug in the microwave and microwave on high for one minute.
  • The cake is done when it is puffy and still slightly wet in the center.
  • Let cool a few minutes (the puffiness may recede – don't worry) and serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

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52 replies on “Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie Mug Cake”

5 stars
This is sooo good! The only change we made was 1 Tb brown sugar and 1 Tb white sugar, just like regular cookies 🙂 This is a keeper! Thanks 😊

5 stars
This is SO GOOD. Very important to mix exactly as the directions say…
I’ve made this several times and it’s so wonderful. Perfect fix for when I’m craving homemade chocolate chip cookies but don’t feel like making a whole batch!

Yay!! So happy that u like this chocolate chip cookie mug cake! It’s one of my faves. XO

3 stars
Not the best but not the worst I’ve tried, a bit oily and greasy but it was very gooey. Didn’t really taste like a cookie though, maybe it was just my lack of skill in baking.

Sorry to hear this! Maybe it was a tad underbaked? Everyone’s microwave is different. And what bakes in mine in a minute might take longer in someone else’s.

I was so wanting this to be gooey, but it was dry. I should have done less time to test it. Mixed it as directed but not good. I really like mug cakes great to kill that sweet tooth. might try again with some changes

So sorry. I think everyone’s microwave is different. So will think I will change the instructions so that the mug has a range of time in the microwave.

2 stars
I just made this and it worked fine but it was soooo salty. The only difference I did was use butter but I can’t imagine that was what made it extra salty.

3 stars
A pinch of salt would have been plenty I think, 1/4 tsp ended up being way too much for my taste as well (I used olive oil not butter)

thanks for letting me know – i do write “1/4 teaspoon kohser salt, or to taste” so people can use as much or as little salt as they would like – but i just changed the recipe to 1/8 teaspoon of salt – which is about a pinch – so that hopefully it will not be too salty for you going forward, provided you consider making the cookie again.

4 stars
She did say to watch it and keep an eye on it checking it after like 20 seconds. I know a lot of people skip the part where the author talks about The recipe And most just click ” jump to recipe.” everyone’s microwave is different so you have to keep an eye in it.. Hope nobody was hurt.

5 stars
Its nice but Is there a variation of this recipe where I can possibly use the full egg? I never end up using egg whites for something else and I don’t want it to keep going to waste…

i know it is a bummer – but the white makes the cookie/cake too cake’y and fluffy. and not chewy enough. but do you ever make granola? an egg white makes granola clumpy – or you can use it as an egg wash on a pie crust? or you can beat it and then add it to a cake to make them extra fluffy?

5 stars
Yummmmmmm it’s so good for when your just craving a little something sweet, but don’t want to tear apart the whole kitchen trying to make something!!!

First attempt I accidentally used tablespoons instead of teaspoons… I ate it bc I felt bad for wasting ingredients. Second time made it right, tasting amazing! Looked dry before baking but worked

5 stars
Accidentally put too much salt (tablespoons instead of teaspoons) but retried, didn’t mix well enough, burnt the middle (my fault) still tasted really good tho 😭

5 stars
Yummy! I subbed mashed banana for the oil and it was like a yummy banana bread and a little lighter! Will definitely make again

5 stars
sooooo gooey and good! it looked questionable before i put it in the microwave and very thick but it ended up being amazing and super fluffy. i used less salt than the recipe called for even though its 1/8 and it was soooo good

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