Best Ever Jumbo Chocolate Chip Cookies

Peeps! My recipe for best ever jumbo chocolate chip cookies (aka Levain Cookies) is up on the Spruce Eats!!

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fantastic! the recipe is live and available via the post you just commented on. if you click on the words “spruce eats” you will be taken right there. let me know if you run into trouble.

Jessie-are the walnuts absolutely essential? Do they have a function, other than just irritating me? Are they assisting in holding the dough together? Adding some heft, body, structure to the cookie? Cuz this is a BIG cookie. Your invaluable insights, please!

so the cookies will spread more if you do not use the walnuts and i have actually never made them without walnuts . . . i think you can totes give it a go and please tell me what happens! also you could use another nut????

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