Chocolate Chunk Miso Blondies

Peeps! Check out my recipe for chocolate chunk miso blondies over on the Sprue Eats!

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4 replies on “Chocolate Chunk Miso Blondies”

These look fabulous. I looove blondies and I loove miso. I assume it calls for white miso but do you think it would work with red miso? thanks

hey – so i baked these off this weekend and the taste was wow! (used white miso and dark choc discs) but, are you sure they should be baked in a 9×9 pan? mine were super ultra thick, very very dark, and the middle was completely raw – even at 45 minutes. i salvaged the edges (my personal fave) but i’m thinking that next time a 9×13 might be the way to go. (yes, i have temp gauges in my oven)
thanks for your stellar recipe.

oh, gosh, i am so sorry that happened. wow. not sure what the issue is as i am 100% sure they bake up nicely in a 9×9-inch pan – as many people (including my self) have done it that way . . . hmmm. i mean i think a 9×13 pan would work, but i think they’d be pretty thin . . .

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