Blueberry Cookies

Peeps! Check out my recipe for blueberry cookies over on the Spruce Eats!

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17 replies on “Blueberry Cookies”

Jessie, these look great but I do have a few questions. I have a friend who needs to be gluten & dairy free & her favorite fruit is blueberry. I could use regular white chips, as she’s not vegan.
1) can I sub an all purpose gluten free flour for regular? Any suggestions on which one?
2) what dairy free butter did you use?
I sure would like to make these for her. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

yes you can sub gluten-free flour. i like cup for cup or bob’s red mill or king arthur baking co. i used earth balance.

Friend is not big on chocolate chips so I am thinking of putting some nuts in instead. Any recommendations which ones? Toasted 1st? Thanks.

All your replies ALWAYS help. Me. Maybe no nuts at all? Do white chocolate chips taste the same as regular chocolate chips? I think they aren’t real chocolate. Are they less sweet? Sorry for more questions.

the cookies might need the add-in to give them structure. i’m not sure. white chocolate chips are very sweet and don’t taste like chocolate

I finally made them last week for my friend. Used Bob’s Red Mill all purpose flour (no Xanthun gum in it so add 1/2 tsp to the 1 cup of flour.) I chose toasted pecans, instead of the chips. They were quite soft, after for baking for 9 minutes & left on pan to set up. She loved them, as they were soft & chewy, just the way she likes them. Thanks for your help, AGAIN.

Any suggestions to possibly add oats?
I really want a blueberry oatmeal cookie like this or using freeze dried blueberries as a powder. I just have concerns of them being dry pucks.

hello! i am not sure about adding oats – the texture is so grand as it is, and i worry that – as you said – they would get dry . . . i am also not familiar with using blueberry powder in this cookies, as i have not done it, but they really need the mashed up berries to give them the correct flavor . . . and texture

If you scroll to the bottom of the recipe over on the Spruce Eats website, you will see a section called “recipe variations.” The last variation is for a lemon version.

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