Rainbow Sprinkle Snacking Cake from Snackable Bakes

Peeps! Check out the recipe for my Rainbow Sprinkle Snacking Cake over on Real Simple from Snackable Bakes!

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4 replies on “Rainbow Sprinkle Snacking Cake from Snackable Bakes”

Did anyone have difficulty with this recipe? I made it exactly as directed but only the outer circle rose. The middle looked like a flattened tire. Was something missing from the recipe. I’m a pretty good cook and never had this problem.

I am so sorry you had trouble with this recipe. That is the worst feeling and so frustrating. I have not heard of anyone else having difficulty as it was rigorously tested for the book and then again by Real Simple magazine when they published it. And nothing is missing from the recipe. I wonder if the strange look of the cake has something to do with the temperature of the oven? Not sure, but again I am so sorry.

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