Coconut Hazelnut Olive Oil Granola from Snackable Bakes

Peeps! The recipe for my coconut hazelnut granola from Snackable Bakes is over on the Colavita !

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4 replies on “Coconut Hazelnut Olive Oil Granola from Snackable Bakes”

I made this last night and don’t know what went wrong.. I did not get clumps, it all just fell apart. The taste is amazing but was hoping to get clusters.

Oh shoot, I am so sorry. That happened to me once, too, and I think my issue was that I stirred the granola too aggressively at the half way point when baking. I write to do it gently, but sometimes, depending on how sticky the mixture is before you stick it in the oven, I think it is best not to stir at all. Also pressing the granola down a bit in the pan before baking can help it to stick together in big bunches while it bakes and then u can break it up when it has cooled to room temp.

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