Chocolate Pretzel Peanut Ice Cream Bars

Photo courtesy of the Washington Post

Peeps! My recipe for chocolate pretzel peanut ice cream bars for the Washington Post is available online (but because there’s a paywall, I’ve linked to a different site).

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4 replies on “Chocolate Pretzel Peanut Ice Cream Bars”

Unfortunately the linked recipe is so poorly written that it is unintelligible.
Love your recipes and would be great to see this recipe corrected.

unfortunately there is a pay wall so the Post doesn’t want the recipe shared – so sorry about that but when i read it, although it was awkward (like it had ben translated to another language and then back to english) it still included all the relevant info, etc. – but i get it if you feel it’s not worth it to slog through it.

feel free to dm me on instagram @jessiesheehanbakes – if you have any queries! or you can comment here and hopefully i will see it in a timely fashion. XO

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