Chocolate Pear Upside Down Cake

A moist, easy-peasy fudgy chocolate cake is baked atop a layer of caramelized pears. Once ready, the cake is flipped over and the fruit crowns the cake!

Well, what do you know: it is a new recipe for chocolate pear upside down cake – part of my oil-based baking series with Colavita Olive Oil  – and I could not be more excited about it. I adore partnering with Colavita on the series because oil-based baked goods are my jam (obvs). And this week’s recipe is particularly exciting to me because it involves CHOCOLATE CAKE, which is basically my everything. Said cake is also of the upside-down variety, which is also something I’m fond of, as upside-down cakes are topped with caramelized fruit (in this instance, pears) and who doesn’t like the sound of something “caramelized?” One of my most fave caramelized fruit cakes is this banana upside down cake, and it was one of the first I ever made (okay, it WAS the first I ever made) and I haven’t looked back since.