Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies with Cornstarch

I know, I know: there are more best ever chocolate chip cookie recipes out here on the intra-web, than there are . . . I don’t know what. But trust me when I tell you that these chewy chocolate chip cookies with cornstarch are a much needed guest at the chocolate chip cookie party. My ideal chocolate chip cookie has crispy edges and soft, gooey middles and these particular ones, with cornstarch, no less, are all that and then some.

Old Fashioned Icebox Cake Wafer Cookies

I am a lover of an old fashioned icebox cake with wafer cookies from way back. In fact – duh duh duh – I even wrote a book about them. In the book, I included 25 recipes for icebox cakes, including this one and this one, made with all homemade components (ie: homemade cookies, whipped cream, pudding, etc). And though I think making old fashioned icebox cakes with wafer (and other) cookies from scratch is grand and all, I also like making icebox cakes with store-bought wafer cookies, which is what I have done here (you’re welcome).

Secret Ingredient Fudgy Gluten-Free Brownies

Everyone needs a recipe for secret ingredient fudgy gluten-free brownies in their back pocket. I mean you probably already have a back pocket regular old fudgy brownie (or, at least, I hope you do) and you probs even have a fudgy flourless brownie in your back pocket, but I am guessing you do not have a recipe for the best ever secret ingredient fudgy gluten-free brownies – am I right, or am I right?