Best Ever Chewy M&M Cookies

Peeps, so these best ever chewy M&M cookies are some seriously delicious cookies – like no joke. They are incredibly chewy, wonderfully buttery AND vanilla-y (yes, I am a food writer and no, “vanilla-y” is not a technical term . . . ). They are tender and have crunchy edges and even if you are not an M&Ms fan (which I am and am REALLY hoping you are, too . . .) you will love the little bits of candy coated chocolate throughout these cookies, as M&Ms take on their own personality when surrounded by cookie dough – they just do.

Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies with Cornstarch

I know, I know: there are more best ever chocolate chip cookie recipes out here on the intra-web, than there are . . . I don’t know what. But trust me when I tell you that these chewy chocolate chip cookies with cornstarch are a much needed guest at the chocolate chip cookie party. My ideal chocolate chip cookie has crispy edges and soft, gooey middles and these particular ones, with cornstarch, no less, are all that and then some.