Olive Oil Apple Cake

Apple cake is one of life’s great pleasures and now that it is essentially “apple” season, I have found myself developing yet another cake calling for one of my all time fave fruits (sorry, summer berries and peaches). Whenever I develop an apple cake, and yes, I do so often, I use oil rather than butter as my fat, because – as many of  you may know, I adore an oil-based cake (and you can read about just how much I love one here). (I’ve also written about how much I love snacking cases, and since this olive oil cutie is essentially a snacking cake (though I am not calling it that on this here post), you can read about my thing for snacking cakes here). But I digress . . . in short, though ALL my apple cakes are oil-based, this is the first that is OLIVE OIL based.

One-Bowl Mixed Berry Snack Cake

I know, I know: sharing a recipe for a dessert calling for mixed berries isn’t exactly the most seasonal thing I could be doing in September. But hear me out: I am madly in love with this recipe, as is everyone who has tried it – either because I made it for them or because they made it themselves (yes, this recipe has already made the rounds) – and I could not bear to wait until next summer to share it with you. So there you have it.

Apple Crumb Pie with Olive Oil Crust (and Crumble!)

No, peeps, I did not set out to develop a vegan apple pie recipe, but yes, peeps, that is EXACTLY what I have done. The crust calls for olive oil rather than butter – and yes, I used Coalvita Olive Oil (and I’d love it if you did, too) and yet it is still incredibly flaky and perfectly crisp (no need to worry about any soggy bottoms here . . . ). And flavorful, to boot – not flavorful like butter, obvs, but flavorful never the less. Also, this pie dough is of the press-in variety (my fave, as you might have guessed, because it is the easiest kind).