by Jessie Sheehan
2018, Chronicle Books

The Vintage Baker, one of the Washington Post’s best cookbooks of 2018 (thank you very much . . . ) includes over 50 old-fashioned recipes for sweets and treats, from my vintage recipe booklet collection, that I have twisted and tweaked for the 21st century baker. Each headnote includes some history about the dessert and its ingredients, and almost all are accompanied by a vintage image from my collection.¬†Alice Gao¬†took the photos for the book and they are spectacular.

Icebox Cakes book cover

by Jessie Sheehan
2015, Chronicle Books

Icebox Cakes includes – you guessed it – about 25 recipes for a variety of uniquely and deliciously flavored cakes that never see the inside of an oven (you’re welcome). Icebox cakes are assembled (for the uninitiated) by layering cookies and whipped cream (or graham crackers and pudding) in a dish, placing said dish in the refrigerator and chilling until the cookies (or crackers) absorb the cream (or pudding) and the whole shebang turns miraculously cake-like. The book includes recipes for cookies and ladyfingers, as well as graham crackers – so you can DIY your whole cake, if that’s your jam. Or you can substitute store-bought cookies, etc. (no judgment here). The book also has recipes for different flavored puddings and whipped creams and even recipes for caramel or ganache, if you’re feeling fancy.