Pumpkin Mousse with Cinnamon Whipped Cream

To begin, I think I just need to come clean and admit that I am decidedly NOT a pumpkin pie person. I know this is a controversial position to take, particularly as Thanksgiving approaches, and Instagram is all pumpkin pie this and pumpkin pie that, but I am hoping to keep the haters at bay cause here’s the thing: I am not anti-pumpkin, I am just anti-pumpkin in the form of pie. read more

Jam Shortbread Icebox Cake

So, truth be told, this is really a recipe for strawberry rhubarb icebox cake. However, there was NO way I could post a recipe for such a cake with such a name in the fall. I just couldn’t. The seasonal police would have had me cuffed within minutes, not to mention those who (rightly!) believe one should only post recipes calling for ingredients that everyone has access to (as opposed to (unfairly) posting recipes calling for ingredients that some of us may have frozen in the freezer . . . ). read more

“Any Fruit Your Heart Desires” Galette

So, yes, it’s true:  all of these photos ARE for a peach galette, and although it IS 80 degrees as I write this, it is also September (though here in NYC you’d really never know it), and my guess is you’re looking to make galettes with fall and winter fruit right about now – Italian plums, apples, pears – I get it. And that’s the beauty of this recipe: all of the above mentioned fruit work, and then some. read more